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How to Attract and Nurture Instagram Followers for Business Page on Instagram?

I am running an online business and want to increase followers on Instagram page to expand my business online. So, please suggest some great ideas. Thanks
Plan Your Content and Attract Followers

People are more inclined to follow Instagram accounts that look real, interesting, professional, positive, and practical. Having nicely designed posts is easier to get followers who are unconsciously seeking these qualities.

Post Consistently/ On A Daily Basis

Posting consistently is the key takeaway. Brands and Influencers who post consistently or in a regular flow on Instagram tend to see the best results.
As per Instagram’s latest algorithm, posting consistently felt like a key element to us. Posting consistently puts your posts above other posts on your users’ feed. Your posts will start appearing at the top of every follower’s timeline. Hence, more chances of boosting engagement and getting followers.

Try Live Videos, Stories, and Highlights

Instagram first started as a photo-sharing network but now, it is beyond that. With features like highlights, stories, and live sessions, you can curate the different types of content and grow your following count immensely.
Your focus should be more on creating videos as Instagram users engage more in videos. Other than that, more than 400 million people see and react to Instagram stories. So, it is a good way to score followers, especially if you have mentioned a poll or a questionnaire for the audience.

Use Quality Hashtags

Using the right hashtags, relevant to your blog or your brand’s niche could expose your posts to a larger audience.
Due to hashtag popularity on Instagram, it is now possible to follow a hashtag as well. In simpler words, creating your hashtags for your blog or brand is the best bet to get fast following count on Instagram.

Encourage User-Generated Content on Your Profile

Sharing and embracing user-generated content is one of the best ways to grow followers quickly. All you have to do it hand-pick the best content curated by your followers and featuring it on your profile so that your page seems genuine. However, it is important to give credits to the original content creator so that you can keep getting it.

Collaborate with Others

Another way to grow your following in a day or to extend your reach to a wide-base of an audience is to collaborate with others through sponsorships and partnerships.
By building a partnership, you are likely to reach a new audience and provide value to your previous audience.
If you think this is your best bet as a brand, make sure to invest yourself in influencer marketing.

Buy Followers

In addition, if you're hoping for fast returns, you could consider buying Instagram followers to build your clout and authority faster. This could pave the way for more organic followers in the future.

Consider Investing in Ads
Investing in ads is often-used way you can take into account. If you’re building a brand, Instagram ads will come in quite handy at this point. Run ads to drive traffic to your profile and posts.