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What is a hierarchy chart?

I want to show a visual of owners in a business and managers in a business. There are people how are both owners and managers. The owners have investments in more than one company. I'd like to show it all on one chart

Organization charts can't seem to handle more than one owner.

I also can't figure out how to keep from duplicating some of the individuals on the chart. There are just so many ways to layout the chart with that many connections.

After searching around, it seems like what I want is a hierarchy chart, but all the results I find are just org chart apps that have the same issues. So what is a hierarchy chart? and is that what I'm looking for?
Your observations are spot on! Hierarchy charts are a special type of chart. They are used for company structure charts and management organization charts.

A hierarchy chart shows a directed connection between two nodes. In your case, a node is a company or investor. A hierarchy chart flows top to bottom. You are right that the layout can get complicated especially with company structure charts. There is a lot specialized math to handle the layout without duplicating entities.

You should look at Lexchart. Lexchart automatically lays out hierarchy charts. In fact, it focuses on hierarchy charts.
Perfect. Thanks.  —  Sam Schnell   2022-11-09 04:58:27.679770+00:00
I think Google Sheets does this too.
Actually Google sheets does not support multiple parents. So if you have ownership data in a sheet and try to create an org chart, it won't work for multiple owners. That is a significant issue for hierarchy charts.  —  Mark Little   2022-11-09 04:57:48.885252+00:00