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What issues should I watch for when redirecting from http to https?

One of our websites has been running on a server without a SSL certificate, we have installed the SSL certificate and are planning to 301 redirect the http to https.
Here are a few items to consider when moving from http to https for your website:

1) Update your webmaster tools settings and resubmit your sitemaps to notify search engines of the change
2) Update your internal site links to use https urls
3) Test site performance particularly on pages with images, video, etc (you may need to make some adjustments to optimize content display/loading with the change to https)
These are the issues you will face while migrating your site from http to https:
  1. Mix-Content issue: This happen when even though you have added the SSL certificate but there are still some resources which are being served on http protocol. This usually happen because some images or resources have been hard-coded into the site. Use the Chrome Developer tool(Ctrl+Shift+i) to diagnose the issue.
  2. Redirection Loop issue- If you don't set the redirection code properly your website won't get displayed and browser will show error message (This page can't be displayed error).
  3. SEO issue: If you are not careful in setting up the redirection you might face duplicate content issue. So take care of the redirection properly and update the property in Google Search Console accordingly.

Disclaimer: I am part of the website that provides 15 years of WildCard SSL for $59 which includes SSL installation service and resolution of errors such as mix content issue, 301 redirect etc, which happens when you migrate your site from http to https.

Please feel free to ask in case of any query and I will be happy to answer.