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Should I upgrade to Windows 10?


I currently have Windows 8 and I have gotten used to it. I have recently heard that Windows 10 is really good. Should I upgrade? I use my laptop for gaming as well. Does it have any driver changes that might interfere? Is there any real benefit from upgrading for free, or should I just stay with what I have?


Any major OS upgrade is bound to come with some bumps in the road (at a minimum). You should check to be sure that the major software and components that you use are compatible with Windows 10, and then you should plan on spending hours not minutes troubleshooting any issues that may arise from the upgrade (such as required driver updates). Whether or not to upgrade is really just a question of whether or not the new features of Windows 10 seem worth the time investment and the risk of compatibility issues with some of your software. Check out InfoWorld's article on Windows 10 installation issues that may be helpful.

If your current hardware won't support Windows 10, it's bound to be a lot slower than even low-end modern hardware that does. But I have to admit that Windows 10 does a very good job. The core design is greater. Here're some obvious advantages of running Windows 10 on a compatible device.
  1. Windows 10 starts up faster.
  2. The Start Menu returns to a more comfortable way.
  3. Microsoft Edge modernizes the OS's default browser. But it won't make a big difference if you are a Chrome user.
  4. As a gamer, you'll love the integration with Xbox that comes in Windows 10. Not only does the Windows 10 Xbox app let you keep track of your friends and achievements, but you can also stream games from the console to the PC and play multiplayer games from your PC against other players on Xbox.
  5. Game Bar—summoned with Windows Key-G lets you snap screenshots, record screen video, control audio sources, and broadcast your gaming session. 
Another heads-up, the Fake 'Windows 10 Free Update' message may try to convince computer users that they can Update to Windows 10 through an email message. Just don't fall for that.